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The ONDO Token

  • ONDO is the governance token for Flux Finance and the Ondo DAO.
  • The token's address is 0xfAbA6f8e4a5E8Ab82F62fe7C39859FA577269BE3
  • The initial token supply of ONDO is 10 billion.
  • There is no scheduled or planned inflation.

Vision & Distribution

The Ondo team believes that setting the token distribution should be an iterative effort in collaboration with the community. With this in mind, the majority of tokens will be held by the Ondo DAO itself. The team and community can experiment with multiple distribution mechanisms (e.g. sales, airdrops, liquidity mining) as decided by DAO governance.

Locked tokens can still vote in the DAO, so everyone will collectively shape Ondo's distribution and future.

Investor Allocations

  • Coinlist Tranche 1

    • ~0.3%
    • 1-year lock + 18-month release
  • Coinlist Tranche 2

    • ~1.7%
    • 1-year lock + 6-month release
  • Seed Investors

    • <7%
    • 1-year lock + 24-month release
    • $4m equity investment
  • Series A Investors

    • <7%
    • 1-year lock + 24-month release
    • $20m equity investment

Ondo core team members and service providers are also bound by a minimum 1-year lock and subsequent 24-month release (3-year total lock-up).